At your service since 1986

A family business

We are a family establishment founded in 1986 whose main premise is to offer a quality personalized service in Menorca.

One of the partners required a quality personalized laundry service and one that would classify privately owned linen necessary to property management. At the same time the other partner was aware of the need for a modern odourless dry cleaning service for the clients of their men and women’s outfitters.


The owners of Suprema are those who started this business three decades ago and are proud to continue to offer the service and quality they have always been known for.

The loyal team of employees at Suprema are experienced and professional. Their aim is to deliver unrivaled service by offering unbeatable quality by always looking after the minutest detail.

No challenge is too great for the team and enjoyment is derived from doing the impossible. Miracles sometimes take a little longer!

This happy team

offer an unbeatable service